Dinner time!

Grass snakes have been a regular visitor to Ivy South Hide for some time now, basking on the logs just outside the hide windows and delighting visitors. The habitat is perfect for them, as they feed primarily on fish and amphibians.

Yesterday, Peter Davies was lucky enough to take the following photographs of one feasting on a poor unsuspecting toad. The snake appeared from the water and made its way onto the fallen tree infront of the hide and immediately found the toad under the loose bark on the trunk. The toad was caught and devoured in approximately two minutes!

Toads play an important part in the food chain and as grass snakes do not eat large meals very often, it’s unlikely they will have a significant impact on the toad population.

However if toads are a favourite, don’t look on…

Grass snake Peter Davies

Grass Snake by Peter Davies

Grass snake 2 Peter Davies

Grass Snake, by Peter Davies

Grass snake 3 Peter Davies

Grass Snake, by Peter Davies

Thanks Peter for some amazing photos!


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