More murmurations.

Birds reported today:

Green Sandpiper – Rockford Lake

Kingfisher, Bittern, Great White Egret – Ivy Lake

Chiffchaff- path between the Woodland Hide and Ivy South Hide

And the biggest roost of starlings yet. The murmuration seamed to peaked at about 4.15 but what I had previously thought was a very distant cloud, turned out to be another vast group arriving from the west, putting the number up to perhaps 500,000 birds.

My estimates are based on seeing a roost at the RSPB’s Ham Wall Reserve in Somerset back in December 2010, the experienced starling watchers on site at the time were estimating a count of a million birds. So I have been trying to roughly judge the counts here compared to what I saw back then and by looking back at my photos.

Thank you to all the starling watchers who gave us a donation this evening.


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