Monday Catch-up

Not much news from today, apart from tha fact that it was warm, dry and mostly sunny, so quite unusual for this summer! I was leading a walk this morning and the sun had brought out a few butterflies, including red admiral, painted lady, meadow brown and speckled wood, there were also 2 emperor dragonflies egg-laying in the Centre pond. The sun did allow me to get a few insect pictures and I post these along with some from Saturday, which never got posted.

First snapped on the nettles beside the car park in the sunshine as I arrived.

speckled bush-cricket nymph and snail


violet ground beetle


pyramidal orchid




Pammene regiana

And now a couple from Saturday: First a small vapourer moth caterpillar basking on a bramble leaf beside the gate into the main car park when I was opening up.

vapourer caterpillar


Xylota segnis