A Wind in the Willows

And the Oaks and all the other trees come to that! The wind blew and sadly some of the trees fell, but we are clearing them away and now there is access to all the hides, although not all the paths are open yet. All hides and car parks are open as normal, however the path along the Dockens Water to Goosander and Lapwing hides is closed, this is due to a number of fallen trees and fallen overhead power lines lying across the path. The path around Ellingham Lake is also closed, a number of fallen and hanging trees are the problem here.

We will be clearing trees from the paths over the next few days and the power lines will be repaired, this work may mean some additional restrictions to access at times. Please take heed of any signs indicating closures or work in progress whilst we try and get the reserve fully up and running again.

We will only be clearing trees where they are a hazard and wherever possible the fallen wood will be left as habitat, more beetles, more fungi, generally more wildlife.


Storm Eunice

With an amber warning for wind tomorrow (Friday) and predictions of gusts to 80 or 90 mph perhaps even inland, we have decided that Blashford Lakes Nature Reserve will remain closed all day on Friday (18th Feb) and that opening will be delayed on Saturday (19th) until we have had time to check the site is safe to open. The car parks and hides will be closed and although the paths will remain open we strongly advise against visiting, even after the storm has abated and be aware there may well still be hazards on site. I will be on site on Saturday to deal with any issues and open up as soon as it is reasonable to do so, but local closures may continue into next week.

I hope everyone stays safe and we all avoid any major damage.