30 Days Wild – Day 14

I tried to get the sides and front sections of Lapwing Hide painted with wood preservative today, I got half of it done before the heat defeated me, with no shade the hot sun was just too much. It seemed much the same for the butterflies, despite the sunshine I saw a mere handful today, contrary to what you might think most species don’t like it too hot. In common with a lot of insects they go and hide under leaves in the shade when it gets too much for them.

We have been preparing the hides for reopening, although that ha snow been put back again, so at least I have a bit more time to get the painting finished.

Luckily it cooled a little in the evening and as I was sat out in the garden I could watch the starlings coming and going to feed their second brood of chicks. They are getting quite large now and very noisy.

starling chicks checking for incoming food

My garden mini-meadow is looking good, I have a lot of goatsbeard but I rarely see it in flower, as they only open in the morning on sunny days and close up around midday, personally I rather prefer their alternative traditional name of Jack-go-to-bed-at-noon. They get the goatsbeard name from the large seedheads.

Jack-go-to-bed-at-noon seed clock

Another favourite plant is corky-fruited water dropwort, not abundant but I have several well established plants in amongst the ox-eye daisy crowd.

corky-fruited water dropwort

Looking out of the window the stag beetles are flying again, up to five in the air at once last night!