Short but sweet!

It’s been a whirlwind year at Blashford Lakes! I started in the October half term of 2021 as Assistant Education Officer, and I have now finished my role at Blashford, and am off to Indonesia for 7 months.

If it wasn’t for an amazing opportunity in West Java, I would definitely have continued on at Blashford, it’s such a beautiful place, and there are so many lovely regular visitors, volunteers, and the staff are alright too (although 3 of them left once I joined….was it something I said?!). Thank you to Jim, Tracy and Bob, I have learnt so much over the past year.

I wish Jack, Pete, Sam and Karen, and whoever the new face of Education is all the best, and really they won’t get rid of me, I will try my best to wriggle back in (maybe as an OLT) once I get home. Fingers crossed for fewer trees down than last year, and hopefully none of them will hit the power lines! I am looking forward to seeing all the hides waterproof once more, and I am sure I will be kept updated with how many infuriating mice have plundered the loft!

Thank you all for making me feel so welcome! To everybody who came on harvest mouse nest surveys, who helped on education days, and, although I don’t want anybody to feel like I am picking favourites, thank you to Midge for bringing me a variety of animal skulls and for wanting to draw the fallow buck, and to Kate who was always delightfully cheery when I asked whether she wanted to help me with the ‘pond snot’. I do hope the ponds don’t get too snotty again… it’s not as exciting a job clearing it by yourself! Thank you to Liz and Nora who wouldn’t let me leave without an afternoon of cake (and walnut cracking!) and amusing presents.


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