Upcoming hide closures

As we continue into autumn and are experiencing more frequent (and much-needed!) rain at Blashford, it has become apparent that some of the hide roofs are no longer functioning as they once did. Ivy South, Woodland and Ivy North hides have sprung some rather large leaks which require reroofing works, and with the access ramps also looking past their best, works will commence next week to revamp the three hides.

Please be aware that the hides will be closed whilst works are carried out, however we plan to stagger the schedule so that just one hide will be closed at a time, minimising the impact on visitors. Ivy South hide will be first with work due to begin on Tuesday 25th October, followed by Woodland and finally Ivy North.


3 thoughts on “Upcoming hide closures

  1. I thought you might have waited until after half term. I’m planning to visit with my grandson next week and Ivy South is good.

    • Hi Simon. We understand the timing isn’t ideal however the work needs completing asap to prevent further water damage to the hides. You can still get great views of the south of Ivy Lake via the Rockford Path to the east, as we have recently cleared back the vegetation in front of the two screens.

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