From a heatwave to much needed rain, we’ve been having fun at Blashford!

It’s not been quite as busy here with events as in previous summers, but the events we have run really have been fantastic. I thoroughly enjoyed Family River Dipping – seeing children lying down in the river with their masks on, looking into the underwater world of the Dockens.

Another highlight was Family Den Building! I love building dens, and I challenge any adult to look back on their den-builds of the past and not remember them with a smile. We had beautifully sunny weather… which was perfect… because of course, the dens had to be ‘tested’ for waterproofness! It’s one of my favourite bits of the session… wandering about with my watering can to see if anybody inside gets wet when it ‘rains’. The only drawback (which the children find absolutely hilarious), is that I really am not tall enough to reach the tops of the dens properly, so they may stay dry inside, but I usually end up with half the watering can down my pouring arm!

Wildlife Tots had a break over the summer, and it was great to have them all back on the 5th September. We had a ‘teddy bear’s picnic’ – everyone brought a teddy (my bear is called William), and we went to the campfire area to search for other cuddly toy animals that our bears could ‘picnic’ with. Then (with the help of some tall people.. some might call them adults, but really they’re big kids) we built some dens! I was thoroughly impressed with how well the Tots handled the pole-carrying, and were guided to tie knots with good concentration and dexterity.

After the dens were constructed we all gathered around a small campfire and toasted bread for butter and jam. We learnt about campfire safety, and made sure our teddies stayed away from the fire. After some tasty snacks it was the end of the session, and the heavens opened! I had elected to dismantle the dens myself…. and so as the Tots and tall people went home… I sat in a very well made den for a bit and contemplated the rest of my day.


2 thoughts on “From a heatwave to much needed rain, we’ve been having fun at Blashford!

  1. In the past we used to get a regular Blashford Blog on what was happening bird/animal/insect-wise on and around the lakes, but this excellent Blog appears to have disappered completely. It was interesting, entertaining and very informative and for me the visiting bird records/photos were of particular interest being a local to the lakes.
    I know it entails a lot of work but please can we have these again, even if not on the frequency as in the past. I am a monthly subscriber to HIWWT and felt I was getting a little something back from those menetary contributions !

    • Hello John. Lovely to hear from you, and I am glad that you’re a regular reader of our Blashford blog. In my role as Assistant Education Officer I generally post about the education and engagement side of things here at Blashford, which I know is enjoyed by many.
      We have had some staffing changes over the past year, and are in a state of flux at the moment too. I am hoping we will be able to offer more varied topics on the blog soon with contributions from different staff members. It’s nice to know how much you appreciated the nature updates.

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