30 Days Wild – Day 22

A busy Tuesday working with Blashford’s volunteers doing path clearance all around the reserve. At this time of year, especially when we get heavy rain, the paths can easily get drooping nettle, bramble or long grass leaning in from both sides and meeting in the middle. Cutting back is done to the minimum needed to keep the path open and we only cut back this season’s growth, especially as we are still in the nesting season, larger scale cutting is needed from time to time, but this is always done in the winter. The only exception is if we get a tree is a danger to our visitors, as is sadly the case with some of our ash trees, many of which have had to be felled in the last couple of years.

I did run the moth trap, but there were precious few moths to show for it, there was one new species for this year, a common plume moth. These tiny moths have wings divided into many thin, feather-like elements, these are folded together at rest so the wings are as narrow as the body and a very unmoth like appearance..

common plume moth

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