30 Days Wild – Day 21

The longest day, and it certainly felt like it, but then it also felt like February, rain all day and a maximum temperature of 12C. I did get out to do some more path cutting, in a fleece and waterproofs. Wildlife was a bit thin on the ground, or perhaps just keeping a low profile. The cold and rain had brought in a lot of desperate swifts and martins looking for any insects they could find low over Ibsley Water. There are few wildfowl around at present, although there was little variety today provided by a goosander and a black swan.

I did run the moth trap overnight, there were actually quiet a few moths, all things considered, my favourite was one of the smallest, a Tortrix moth with the rather splendid name Pseudargyrotoza conwagana.

Pseudargyrotoza conwagana

The other thing that caught my eye was a rather intimidating looking fly, it was not large, but still looked like it could give me a good bite if I let it, I confess to having no idea what it is.

Intimidating looking fly

Days start getting shorter from now on, but let’s hope there will be some summer still to come, I could do without winter starting before the end of June.


1 thought on “30 Days Wild – Day 21

  1. Ouch! I agree with you on the fly! I reckon that has to be a Horsefly species of some kind. It’s REALLY cold here this morning. My Silver Ys don’t look as though they have moved since I counted them yesterday morning!!!

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