30 Days Wild – Day 20

I was doing a live moth trap opening event for the Trust’s Wilder Weekend, unfortunately the conditions overnight were not great for moths, so filling an hour was a bit of a challenge! The trap may not have had many moths, but there were lost of small ones flying in my mini-meadow this afternoon, most of them “grass moths” like this Crambus pascuella.

Crambus pascuella

Despite the sunshine I saw only one butterfly, at first I though it was a male common blue, but it was actually a female. Typically the females are mostly brown, but this one was one of the blue form, not quiet as blue as a male.

female common blue of the blue form

The most exciting find was a male scarce blue-tailed damselfly, I saw my first for several years in the New Forest only a few days ago and now here was one in the garden!

scarce blue-tailed damselfly

Shortly after taking this picture I spotted a female as well! Not so scarce after all.

I have been experimenting with a new macro lens and tried a few close up images of some of the meadow plants, here is a field scabious in bud.

field scabious

And here is Jack-go-to-bed-at-noon, gone to seed, surely the best of all seed “clocks”.

Jack-go-to-bed-at-noon seed head

Whilst searching for things to take picture so I found this tiny meadow grasshopper nymph.

grasshopper nymph

I went for a short walk out on the Forest in the late afternoon, the bog asphodel is now in flower and the recent rain has topped up some of the bog pools.

bog asphodel

By one of the wet patches I found a large cranefly with patterned wings, I later identified it as Pedisia rivosa, a fairly frequent species around wetlands across much of the country.

Pedisia rivosa

Off to reset the moth trap now, just in case……….


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