Weather Warning

You may have heard there is a Yellow weather warning issued for tomorrow, Friday 21st May, for high winds. Although it is unlikely to be as strong as many winter gales, the trees are all in leaf now and heavy with all the recent rain, so it will be wise to take care if venturing out. Woodland will be best avoided, as it is likely some branches, if not whole trunks may fall. We advise against visiting Blashford Lakes and especially the woodland walks for the whole of tomorrow, it is also possible that the car parks will not open to general visitors.

The bird hides remain closed for now, so will not offer any shelter. Our expectation is that they will reopen on 21st June, so long as the currently planned easing of restrictions occurs on that date. When walking around the reserve we have and will retain a “one way system” wherever possible, as this minimises close contact with others on narrower sections of the paths, bridges and boardwalks. Please follow the on site signage and use the step-aside passing places should you need to pass or be passed by other visitors.

The Main Car Park will be closed from Friday 21st to Monday 24th, the parking on the Education Centre side of the reserve will remain available, unless closed as a result of weather conditions. On Sunday there will be an all day triathlon event, with cyclists leaving Ellingham Lake along Ellingham Drove throughout the day.

Hopefully summer will finally arrive soon and the reserve will return, more or less, to normal.


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