Autumn Light

We seem to have gone through a very rapid transition from summer to autumn in the last few days, certainly in terms of temperature, I have gone from short sleeves to extra layers.

The moths had seen it coming though and the autumn species have been flying for a few weeks now. It has been my impression that many were flying earlier than usual, perhaps because their development had been accelerated by the warm summer. A lot of the autumn species feature yellow or orange tones, presumably as camouflage amongst autumn leaves.

pink-barred sallow
frosted orange

At this time I usually catch one or two Clifden nonpareil also known as blue underwing and they seem to have been having a good year, or at least they do everywhere else, so far I have not seen one! The Clifden nonpareil is one of our largest moths, but interest comes in all sizes, the other day I caught the attractive micro-moth Oncocera semirubella a species that seems to be increasing in recent years, but which remains largely a southern speciality.

Oncocera semirubella

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