Blashford opening…

As of tomorrow, Wednesday 17th, we will be opening the car park by the Education Centre to visitors (on the south side of Ellingham Drove). Hopefully this will be welcome news to you all!

The Education Centre itself, including the toilets, and the bird hides will remain closed, as will the main nature reserve car park by Tern Hide.

The car park will be open at the usual time of 9am until 4.30pm, however we will continue to monitor the situation and if we feel the reserve is becoming too busy or have too many people unfamiliar with the site staying after 4.30pm we will review our plans and update you all again. Hopefully by increasing our signage onsite and keeping the available parking reduced to the one car park we will not need to.

We have made some of the footpaths on the reserve one way to help with social distancing, so please do keep an eye out for signage on site when here, and Bob has cut back the vegetation at the sides in places to make passing people easier. Our walking routes can be seen below:


The grass snakes are still favouring the dead hedge by Ivy Silt Pond and there are plenty of insects on the wing, so even though the hides are closed (the lakes themselves are relatively quiet) there is still lots to see – if you’re lucky you may even spot a fox cub or young deer as the wildlife has certainly made the most of a quieter reserve.

Finally, we look forward to seeing you all soon!


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