Important Information about Reserve Opening

You have probably heard that people will be allowed to exercise away from home more and at a greater distance than previously from Wednesday 13th May. However Blashford Lakes will remain closed. In fact even the limited access that has been possible in recent weeks will not be available as the main road access along Ellingham Drove will be closed Wednesday-Friday (13th-16th May) for resurfacing works. Please do not attempt to visit at all during this time.

Beyond these works plans for, probably limited, opening are being looked at. It will be necessary to ensure that any opening will be safe, so the Centre and hides are unlikely to open for some time yet. Restricted car park opening may be possible, one limitation is lack of staff, most are currently furloughed and current rules would suggest they cannot return immediately. There are also some works that are needed to enable continued safe access that are outstanding, due to difficulties obtaining materials for repairs.

Be assured that every effort is being made to ensure safe visiting is possible as soon as possible, but this will not be on Wednesday for, as outlined above, a variety of reasons.


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