Fishlake Meadows tree works

Tomorrow, Tuesday 12th May, 5 ash trees next to the path, location shown by the green triangle on the map, with significant ash dieback are being felled. While the tree surgeons are working there will be limited opportunity to walk this stretch of footpath. Therefore please avoid using this section of footpath on 12th May. Ash dieback makes the trees brittle and susceptible to collapse, therefore it is essential for safety that these trees are felled. European Protected Species and bat roost surveys have been completed and permission granted from the TVBC planning team. More information about ash dieback can be found here;

ash dieback tree

Ash tree with ash dieback

In addition to the ash trees there is a willow limb and 2 hanging branches that the tree surgeons will be removing, locations shown by green square and green circle, this work may roll over in to Wednesday 13th May. Again you may have to wait to walk through while the work is underway.

Ash tree work May 12th and 13th

Locations of works


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