Fishlake Meadows latest arrivals

Lots has changed very quickly for all of us in the last few weeks. It is a challenging time, so I do my best to focus on the positives, such as it still being necessary to keep an eye on Fishlake Meadows. This provides a much needed escape and reassurance that things are still as they should be in nature.

swan on fishlake stream april 2020

Mute swan on Fishlake Stream

Spring is now in full swing at Fishlake Meadows with the arrival of our summer visitors. On Monday I was treated to the energetic song of several sedge warblers, making sure they got a claim on a little plot of the reserve. I also heard at least one willow warbler singing its beautiful song. The first mallard ducklings were already up and about foraging through the shallow water and vegetation while mother had a well earned rest, but with a beady eye on me.

Mallard ducklings 2020

Female mallard and ducklings

Other delights were seeing a Cetti’s warbler foraging through the dead hedge in front of the western viewing screen, giving me a surprisingly good view for once. Also seeing my first male orange tip butterfly of the year was lovely, a sign that spring has really and truly begun.

Cetti's warbler

Cetti’s warbler in dead hedge

To comply with coronavirus guidelines I am now primarily working from home, and carrying out a few site checks each week. This is to keep an eye on trees, infrastructure and soon strimming the paths to keep them open. As previously stated, the paths at Fishlake Meadows don’t easily allow the 2 metre distancing, therefore if at all possible I would advise taking your daily exercise at a wide open space rather than narrow footpaths. Please do not drive to the reserve, the car park is now closed.

Having more time at home has given me the chance to spend more time in my garden. I have had some more luck with growing seeds as I’ve been able to pay more attention to them. They are mainly wildflowers, but also some garden flowers, only sowed on the 21st March, just 2.5 weeks ago!

I have also finally got round to putting a pond in to my garden. This is just 3 different pots, part buried in to the lawn and then some sticks in to provide escape routes if any creatures fall in accidentally. Once things return to normal I’m hoping to get some water mint and yellow flag iris planted in the pots and to add some stones in, and around the pots to blend them in to the garden better.

pond at home


1 thought on “Fishlake Meadows latest arrivals

  1. Thanks Jo for your news. Love the pond it’s certainly given me and idea, after all, plenty of spare time to do it! Take care

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