Site Checks in the Sunshine

I was over at Blashford again today, checking all was still well, which I am pleased to say it was. Incidental to my checks I came across a number of firsts for the year, for me at least. Speckled wood butterflies were frequent throughout the woodland areas, unfortunately we won’t know if they manage to follow up last years good showing at Blashford with another bumper year as the butterfly transects, like all our other surveys, have been suspended.

speckled wood

My first speckled wood of the year

I also saw my first large red damselfly, tree bumble bee and heard my first reed warbler.

There are especially large flocks of black-tailed godwit around in the Avon Valley at present, they seem to be feeding on the flooded fields and coming over to Ibsley Water to roost or when disturbed. I think there were as many as 2000 birds flying around at one point.

Black-tailed godwit flock

black-tailed godwit flock in flight

The cherry trees are in full flower now, looking splendid in the sunshine.

cherry blossom

cherry blossom

There have been several pheasant around the reserve recently, but until today I had only seen males, so a female was unusual.

female pheasant

female pheasant


2 thoughts on “Site Checks in the Sunshine

  1. Thanks Bob lovely photos in the sunshine. We are monitoring our butterflies in the garden then recording them on the garden butterfly survey website. Brimstone being the prominent species at the moment but did see a peacock today. We were down to do this weeks butterfly transect walk what fantastic weather we would have had. 🌞🦋 Angela & Ralph

  2. I had two, I think they were probably Honey Bees, but too quick for me to ID whether that or Hovers, land on my wall as the sun hit it. As the weather is warming, it it will be interesting to keep a record of what I get to see each day from my tiny balcony…..mind you, it has never felt bigger, so grateful 🙂 The blossom looks beautiful!

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