In case of Confusion

It appears some people took my earlier post as condoning driving out for exercise, which I certainly do not! I was commenting on the few visitors that are still coming to the reserve and their impacts upon the site. An odd aspect of this situation seems to be that many think that all the usual rules no longer apply, so suddenly we have dog walkers, cyclists and wandering anglers in restricted areas on a daily basis.

However people arrive, and obviously this should only be within the advice, the usual visiting rules still hold. In many ways if there was a complete ban on driving out for exercise at least it would be clear that anyone parked up in the countryside was definitely suspicious, at present they can still plead the “Just out for a walk” defence.

Stay home and stay safe and even outdoors, keep your distance, wide open spaces are much better than narrow paths if you are going for a walk.

2 thoughts on “In case of Confusion

  1. As far as I have heard and read Bob, people should NOT be DRIVING out for exercise. Their exercise time is supposed to be from their front door…on foot. But such people are now paying my Pension….sadly they could be costing people’s lives and livelihoods for longer than is necessary. Stay safe 😦

  2. They should not indeed, but a good few still are and until it is enforced it seems they will continue! Those still driving out include a variety of persons up to no good, fly-tipping, poaching etc, as ever there will always be some who will do as they please even at the cost of the many.

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