The year that was…

While Bob and Jo continue to warden and monitor Blashford Lakes and Fishlake Meadows between them, Tracy and I have been working from home, along with many, many other people, venturing out only into our gardens, or for our permitted daily exercise from home, so I really do have very little to report on the wildlife front!

That said the children and I are (slowly, in between maths, literacy, phonics, science, history and geography home learning) trying to improve our small garden for wildlife. To be honest, its pretty lousy at the moment, so anything will be improvement – when my wife and I first moved here I spent a long time nurturing a small meadow, digging a small pond (disparagingly called a puddle by some, but it held wildlife!) and nurturing a small compost heap and log pile, while our herb bed was always buzzing with insects.

Then came children, a swing and a climbing frame and short grass for kicking a football around on.  No longer was there room for my lovingly created space for nature in our (very) small garden.

However, they are now all a little bit older and happy to sacrifice a bit of their play space for something a bit more wildlife friendly that they too can enjoy exploring.

We have plans, we have the will and the inclination, and we will have time over the Easter Holiday break from the home learning, so watch this space! Our little corner of the New Forest is set to become just a little bit Wilder – there may well be a blog to come on this, but it is very much a long way off at the moment!

If, like me, you are missing Blashford Lakes, or if, unlike me, you don’t have children and are therefore not trying to juggle your work with trying to teach them and therefore have more time on your hands than normal, you may appreciate a lengthy read, with pictures.

Please follow the link to indulge yourselves with the Blashford Lakes Annual Report for the period September 2018-August 2019: 200306BLAnnualReport2018-19 and remember the year that was..

What else can I say other than “enjoy!”

Stay at home, stay safe, stay well… and stay sane!


3 thoughts on “The year that was…

  1. Thanks Jim great to hear your news and plans for your wilder garden. We too are spending more time in our small garden and it’s amazing how comforting and therapeutic it is to us both.

    Just being in the fresh air and watching what ever happens. Yesterday we saw a rook taking a fair share of alpaca hair from a hanging bird feeder which I bought at Xmas from a Alpaca rescue home which is located nearby. The rook was having a field day and looked like he was eating the stuff, but this seemed weird! He ripped it apart most of it flying away in the wind then eventually flew off with a big wad in his beak presumably for his nest?

    I think he was happy!

  2. I think there are a lot of us out in our gardens at the moment and for the foreseeable future! As for the rook, they’re smart birds corvids and yours was almost certainly simply “playing” as much as it was gathering nesting material!

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