Almost back to normal

Well it might be windy out there this morning but it’s preferable to waking up to another weekend being battered by storms!

All of the hides are now open and the flood water in the Main car park by Tern Hide has fallen away enough that that can be opened this weekend. Please be aware however that it is likely to be closed again for a time this Sunday while the silt and debris left behind by the river is removed. Visitors will be able to park “between the gates” on the car park approach at this time and the hide itself will of course be open as normal.

The boardwalk beyond Ivy South Hide however remains closed for the time being, in part due to fallen trees, although the worst of these has now been dealt with, but mostly because the boards themselves, which are now old and have been patched in places on and off over the last couple of years, have not benefited from being inundated by the flooding leaving a number unsafe to walk on. The boardwalk will be removed and replaced, but this is a big job which can not take place until the willow/alder carr dries out so do not expect it to be reopened anytime soon!

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