Murmurings at Blashford

IMG_20191230_090206It really is amazing the difference a few days can make: having had a decent break for Christmas I came back on Monday and was quite surprised by just how much water was in the lakes – Ibsley Water in particular has come up quite dramatically over the festive period.

Ivy Lake is still the most enjoyable to watch in terms of sheer numbers of birds (still no bittern though if you’re wondering!), but Ibsley Water can not be beaten at the end of the day as the gulls come in to roost and, since Christmas, there has also been a quite spectacular starling murmuration of several tens of thousands of birds doing their (rather special) thing… the “new” viewing platform really comes into its own now!

As always January is looking set to be a busy month visitor wise and no doubt that will be true again this Sunday when the Pop Up Cafe will be open in the Centre with all their favourites that many visitors are growing to expect and love!

Happy New Year and best wishes for a wilder 2020 from the Blashford Lakes team…

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