Still feeling festive?!

IMG_20191214_103538Tomorrow see’s the return of the Pop Up Cafe so if you are visiting the reserve to escape internet shopping or the high street bring your wallets and purses anyway so you can take advantage of the delicious cakes and savouries that will be available. And if you have still yet to add the finishing touches to your decorations at home, do pop by the Welcome Hut and pick up some of our mistletoe for a small donation. Gathered from their gardens by a couple of our volunteers I’ve never seen sprigs so heavily laden with berries!

When it first went out for “sale” on the plant sales bench outside the welcome hut the bench was beautifully adorned. However when we came in the next morning the deer had very carefully nibbled away all of the leaves (note, NOT the poisonous berries!) so they are now kept overnight in a crate to avoid their being browsed so if you arrive in search of some and its not apparent, do check the shelf under the bench to see if its in the crate there and we’ve just forgotten to pull it out!


Lovely on Ivy Lake today – shore to shore birds, including wigeon, teal, shoveler, tufted, mallard, gadwall, pochard, pintail, the odd goosander and of course coot, cormorant, kingfisher and our great white egret.


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