Having reported on Saturday evening that a great white egret was back on Ibsley Water, but that it was not our old veteran and trail blazer nicknamed “Walter” a few years, I am now delighted to report that Mark Wright got in touch on Sunday with the pictorial evidence that Walter has now made it back for his 16th year! So many thanks to Mark for the pictures below, taken overlooking Ibsley Water where the first bird was seen on the previous day:

Walter by Mark Wright

Walters back! By Mark Wright

Walters leg by Mark Wright

There’s no mistaking Walter when you can see his “bling”!

No great white was reported at all yesterday but this morning there was one bird on the little island to the right of Tern Hide. With its legs obscured by an adjacent Egyptian goose and later on a cluster of little egrets, I have not yet managed to ascertain which of the two (or more?!) great whites we have on show this morning.

For more about the history of “our” Walter follow the link to Bobs blog post from August last year:



5 thoughts on “Walter!

  1. Hi Jim
    The Great White Egret on the island this morning was Walter. I did get a brief look at the rings as he moved just before he took took off towards the long spit and Goosander Hide. No picture I’m afraid.


  2. Hi Jim

    I do have a photo taken just as a Grey Heron came in to land close to “Walter”.
    i have put it on my flickr site ( I’m not sure how to load it onto the Blashford blog.


  3. A great shot of the rings which leaves no room for doubt, Walter is back and continues to close in on the oldest ever recorded age for a Great Egret. He is already the oldest in Europe, now going for the World title!

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