30 Days Wild – Honourable mentions

Sometimes during 30 days wild the hardest part is picking just one video or photo to tweet. There were many days where I could have posted multiples, so here are some of the photos that I didn’t post.

The yellow flag iris was truly spectacular at Fishlake Meadows this year, lots of insects made the most of them too. I was able to take a video of a bee visiting several flowers; this is a still from the video.

Bee and yellow flag iris

Bee visiting yellow flag iris

Whilst out on the side of Ibsley water at Blashford, working on a new tern raft there was lots of scarlet pimpernel just in flower. They are one of my favourite plants; the flowers are such a beautiful colour.

Scarlet pimpernel

Scarlet pimpernel at the side of Ibsley Lake

On day 11 I posted a photo of a beautiful bronze beetle which I identified as Crysolina banksi, on the same day I got a photo of a lovely hoverfly on the geraniums in the new planters outside the Blashford Lakes centre. This one is Helophilus pendulus or Sun fly.

Hoverfly and geranium

Helophilus pendulus on geranium spp.

Scarlet tiger moths have been good in number again this year at Fishlake Meadows, the earliest I saw this year was the 12th June, and last year I think it was a week earlier. On the same day walking around Fishlake I got lots of photos, mainly of the wildflowers; meadowsweet, water forget me not, and a bumblebee collecting pollen from hemlock water dropwort.

At Blashford the bee orchids have been wonderful this year, on the same day I took a photo of the bee orchid I also got a shot of biting stone crop with its yellow star shaped flowers and fleshy stem. There is a lot of this around Blashford, particularly around the car parks and stony paths.

Biting stonecrop 1

Biting stonecrop

On the 17th June I posted a photo of lots of peacock butterfly caterpillars, it was a day however when lots of sightings nearly made the cut. There was a moorhen with a grown up chick nearby along the canal, a shield bug, yellow loosestrife and bittersweet. I’m fairly sure the shield bug is Eurygaster testudinariav also know as a tortoise bug.


Tortoise bug

18th June was a photo of a freshly emerged marbled white, which was my favourite photo of the month. This was seen whilst doing some more work on the tern rafts at the side of Ibsley. While moving the tern rafts, we disturbed this wonderful young toad and were able to get a good look at it.

Toad at blashford

Common toad

On the 21st June I saw what was possibly the first pyramidal orchid in Ashley Meadow, but I also saw some lovely common valerian in flower. Delicate pink/white flowers with stamens poking out beyond the flowers.

Common valerian 3

Common valerian

26th June I was able to get a good photo of a banded demoiselle, so posted that, I also saw what I later discovered was a figwort weevil. Very sensibly it was actually on water figwort when I found it. The photos aren’t very good, but it’s a lovely little thing with an interesting pattern. It also went a bit shy and tucked it’s rostrum in, I assume as a bit of a defence mechanism.


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