The one that DIDN’T get away!


Anyone that follows this blog can’t have failed to notice that it is 30 days wild time of year again with Bob going the extra mile to blog his wildlife encounters at work and at home on a daily basis. Midway through June thus weekend is the Trusts “BIG Wild Weekend” with lots of events held across the UK.

At Blashford we joined in with a river dipping event this morning where we caught mayfly, stonefly, beautiful demoiselle and golden-ringed dragonfly nymphs, freshwater shrimp, cased caddisfly and blackfly larvae, leeches and, on the fish front, bullhead and young brown trout.

However by far the best catch of the day (and indeed the best catch of all of my previous 17 years working here and countless river dipping sessions with both young and old!) was John’s brown trout which filled the tank at a whopping 11 inches in length! Well done John!


(and, just for the record, the fish was released – unharmed – back into the river after taking a few quick photo’s!)


2 thoughts on “The one that DIDN’T get away!

  1. How on EARTH did John manage to catch the Trout! He must have cheated and had a much bigger net than everyone else OR, did he sneak off to the fishing lake? A bit of trout tickling? I think the adjudicator should be called in, ha ha ha. But how wonderful to find it on the Reserve stream…an indicator of the purity of the water..

  2. All caught entirely legitimately with exactly the same net and location as everyone else, although even I wondered if he’d had it tucked in a coat pocket until an opportune moment! There are (clearly!) some larger fish in the river and they can often be seen around the edges of the deeper pools, but never thought to see one caught in the kick sampling nets. Skill and luck in equal parts. Or maybe a little more luck!

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