Tern Hide & Welcome Hut open for business


Yesterday saw two more major milestones in the project funded by public donations and Veolia Environmental Trust (with money from the Landfill Communities Fund): the Welcome Hut opened its doors to the public for the first time yesterday morning and Bob opened up the new look Tern Hide to the public using the new viewing platform at the end of the day yesterday too.

Bob has worked tirelessly over the last month to ensure that contractors have had both early and late access as they required to get their work completed and over the last week he has also been working late to finish off the screens and earthworks around the Tern Hide. There is still more to be done, both inside and out, so expect further temporary short-term closures. However, from now on in, including all of this weekend, if works don’t preclude our opening of Tern Hide, it will be open…

I’ll not say more on Tern Hide now as I do not want to steal Bobs thunder should he wish to add anything given the work that he has put into it!

190329 Tern Hide view (through OPENING window)

The view from Tern Hide at opening this morning!

The Welcome Hut, like the Tern Hide, still has various things awaiting completion to finish it off (indeed even as I type volunteers are putting up graphics on the inside), but it too is now open, and will be every Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

An extension of the Centre, it is an information point staffed by our new team of “Welcome Volunteers” who will help visitors both new and returning get the most out of their visit to the nature reserve. No doubt exactly how the space is used will evolve over the next few weeks as they find their feet and the surroundings start to look more like a nature reserve rather than a building site, but do say “hello” to them when you next visit.

190328 Welcome Volunteers open the Hut

Please welcome our new “Welcome Volunteers” – they promise to do the same!



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