Snow bittern sightings today…

Not that I can blame it, if I was out in a reed bed I reckon I’d be hunkering down too! Not many visitors to look for it today either and many eyes do make lighter work of it. Think they all had good views of water rail though, as did I when opening up.

Apologies for the blog heading, but need to try and keep up with Bobs recent run of corny post titles 😉

The reserve wasn’t quite a winter wonderland, but did still look lovely first thing, although the brisk wind and almost continuous mix of sleet and snow hasn’t made it the most pleasant of days to be out and about in it! The forecast looks set for that to stop soon but the drop in temperature as it does clear will make the car parks and approach from the road tomorrow quite treacherous I should think, so if you do visit tomorrow, do take care. Or wait until Sunday when the ice should have cleared and the Pop Up Café will be open in the Centre!

Snow always provides wonderful insights into what wildlife has been up to and where it ahs been – badger, fox, deer, rabbit, squirrel and various bird tracks all very much in evidence today:


Badger – skirted the main car park


Fox – a couple tracked in and out around the entrance where I took this, but were evident across the reserve





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