Bittern again!

Further to my last post it would seem that in fact bittern was seen towards the end of the afternoon!

In fact someone has recorded 2 in the hide log book – if that was you we would love to hear from you as to whether that was two birds seen at the same time or one bird in different places after a short interval. If the latter it is possible it was the same bird having snook through the vegetation in a way only a bittern can, if the former  it will be the first time this winter we will have known we have had two bittern present. Comment below or email . Thanks!

4 thoughts on “Bittern again!

    • On January 8th am I was standing in Ivy North hide as it was full. There was a commotion in the reeds to the right of the right hand channel and a bittern show across being chased by a second bittern. Several people saw it but it happened too quickly for anyone to get it on camera.

  1. Great stuff, the second sounds as though it is frequenting the reeds to the right of the hide where it will be difficult to see. The bird usually by the the hide seems to be the same one since it first turned up.

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