It’s Christmas!

This has been a lovely last week at work before finishing for Christmas. There have been some good breaks in the rain to be able to get out and see Fishlake Meadows and Blashford Lakes. It even stayed mainly dry for the Fishlake Meadows work party on Wednesday which doesn’t usually happen! However, due to the heavy rain, we still haven’t been able to get back to the scrub cutting near the canal. Instead we tackled some of the scrub on the canal bank itself. This is to improve views across the reedbed and fens from the elevated barge canal path, and to keep the banks from getting too overgrown. The material cut was again used to make some dead hedges. At lunch time we enjoyed a treat of mince pies to get us in the Christmas spirit.

Work party 21.12.18 before

Just as we were getting started.


Once we had finished the view was much more open, and easy to see across the meadows.

On Thursday I was at Blashford for a Christmas treat work party, where we cooked some jacket potatoes on a fire and had them along with some lovely home made mince pies, a very nice way to spend the final work party before Christmas. After the work party I headed to Ivy North hide with the hope of catching another glimpse of the bittern… Fortunately I was very lucky and got a very good view of it, fully emerging from the reeds in to a little bit of an opening for a couple of minutes.

Today I had a walk around Fishlake Meadows to get some photos from around the reserve and to see how it was looking. There wasn’t a huge amount to see, but there was a lot of lovely noise, amongst the usual water rails and cetti’s warbler, as I was leaving I could hear a good number of teal whistling away.


View from the road, lots of gulls!


View from the 2nd platform along the canal.


View from the left hand screen at the bottom of the permissive path.

I would like to say a huge thank you to the Fishlake Meadows volunteers! In the last year the wardens have clocked up 548 hours (starting in April) and the work party volunteers have given 284 hours from October until the work party on Wednesday! Volunteers have also managed to carry out 12 butterfly transects, a habitat condition assessment and fixed point photography. I hope they all have a wonderful Christmas and New Year and rest up ready for more in 2019!

1 thought on “It’s Christmas!

  1. Well done to all. The photos show what great progress is being made. I look forward to exploring Fishlake Meadows some time soon. Happy Christmas everyone 🙂

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