Members walk 17th December

On Monday I led a walk for members at Fishlake Meadows, with the hope of catching a starling murmuration at the end of the walk. It was quite a grey afternoon, but very still so conditions were on our side for seeing a good show. Walking along the canal we spotted a grey heron, swans on distant lakes and heard several cetti’s warblers. We stopped to enjoy views from the new platforms and to look at Ashley Meadow. Making use of the pylons that run through Fishlake Meadows were a kestrel and a buzzard. Just before turning down the new permissive path part of the group got a good view of a goldcrest.

The permissive path is currently a bit flooded in a couple of places due to the heavy rain. Its a couple of inches deep in parts now, so if your walking boots aren’t that waterproof, wellies would be a good idea. The path surface is staying solid though. We got to the screens and heard water rails and cetti’s warblers and saw a few coot on the water. As we were at the screen we saw a lovely murmuration of starlings, not very many, but some lovely movements.

We headed back to the canal path in the hope of getting a better view of the murmuration, as we walked more starlings were flying overhead towards the larger group. Unfortunately they seemed to be going straight in to roost and not murmurating, but at least we got a good view from the screens.

Nearly back to the car park we caught a glimpse of a marsh harrier in the distance, the light was dropping so it wasn’t the clearest view, but a good spot all the same. We made it back to the car park just before it got completely dark, all in all it was a very successful walk and the members were very happy with what they had seen. A big thank you to all of our members, your support is very valuable to us.



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