This weeks wildlife highlights

Further to Bobs post earlier this week, in which he mentioned the unusually early bittern sighting and egrets galore, today saw more signs of autumn passage with thousands of hirundines, house martins in particular, gathered over Ibsley Water this morning and later on in the morning Robin Smith came in for help with the identification of this osprey photographed over Ibsley Water as it flew from the north west to the south east, not hanging around for closer pictures unfortunately:

Osprey by Robin Smith

Elsewhere on the reserve a hobby has been very active today and for the last couple of days – particularly over the lichen heath and northern half of Ivy Lake.

This year has also proven a very good year for Autumn ladies tresses, with more flower spikes than ever now showing beautifully in their particular understated kind of way:

Autumn ladies tresses by Jim Day

Autumn ladies tresses


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