Birds a plenty!

The last week or so has seen many new arrivals to Fishlake Meadows. It seems that the better weather is encouraging lots of activity, although today is very chilly! Sedge Warblers have arrived in huge numbers and can be heard clearly from the barge canal path. Their song is quite distinctive, and energetic with varied mix of musical notes, it is very similar to the reed warbler who have also arrive in the last week. The reed warbler song is less energetic and a bit slower paced.

Sedge Warbler warbling

Sedge Warbler by James West


Reed Warbler by David Foker

Friday 20th April was the first day I saw large red damselflies emerging, and there seemed to be a huge numbers of them. On Sunday I had the first report of hobbies having arrived, 3 were spotted and have been seen regularly since. They have been busy feeding on damselflies and other large insects on the wing.


Large red damselfly by Ed Merritt

RS1235_hobby in flight David Foker

Hobby by David Foker

A cuckoo has been heard regularly to the western end of the east/west path that crosses the middle of the site. Garden warbler and common whitethroat have also arrived in the last week or so. All these new arrivals are absolutely wonderful and are fabulous to hear singing away. It’s a true pleasure for me to see the different seasons go by on a new nature reserve and seeing what changes that brings.

RS1235_hobby in flight David Foker

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