Volunteer Wardens

This week I have been busy meeting volunteers who are going to be wardens at Fishlake Meadows, and giving them some training on what we would like them to do and what they might expect. I am very lucky that there are so many keen people who live locally to Fishlake Meadows, in fact there will be over 20 wardens altogether.

Fishlake Meadows view

The idea for having volunteer wardens is that they help to increase our presence on site, engage with more people who visit Fishlake Meadows and report any issues to us that they come across. As well as keeping the paths neat and tidy with some litter picking and trimming overgrowing vegetation back. If you do see them onsite, please stop for a friendly chat and thank them for their hard work.

Fishlake Meadows southern viewing area view

Over the next few weeks I will begin setting up butterfly and dragonfly surveying, which lots of volunteers are keen to be involved with too. This will enable us to maximise our knowledge of species and numbers, which in turn continues informs our management. If you have any questions about Fishlake Meadows, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.



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