Spring at Fishlake Meadows

The warmer weather finally seems to be arriving, with even more forecast for the coming weeks. This is leading to lots of changes at Fishlake Meadows, flowers are coming out along the Barge Canal path, pussy willow is beginning to flower, and lots of different birds are pairing up, singing and getting ready for the breeding season.


I’m very excited to see what the change in seasons will bring for Fishlake Meadows. As butterflies and dragonflies begin emerging in earnest we will do our best to record them. There are some rarities and less common species amongst the dragonflies and damselflies which I hope to try and see, namely hairy dragonfly, downy emerald dragonfly and small red-eyed damselfly.

Male willow flower Fishlake Meadows

Willow catkins


There have been reports of great white egrets getting breeding plumage; they develop long lacy plumes on lower back, their bill starts to go black and their legs can become paler. Cettis warbler are singing all over the site, as are blackcaps. Many birds have been making use of the dead hedges our volunteers built at the end of the winter. This is particularly lovely as they are easily seen from the Barge Canal path.

RS1274_Blackcap 2



As spring and summer come along it will be amazing to see the reserve change and different wildlife putting on a show for us.


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