Recent Works

There has been lots happening at Fishlake Meadows in the last few weeks. Our contractors have been working hard getting lots of the fencing complete. You may have noticed some of this as you walk around the site, particularly along the bottom of the Barge Canal path. Fencing has also been put in next to a ditch that runs along what we imaginatively call the north/south path, this will be a new path that runs in to the centre of the site. It will hopefully be open for the summer.

New fencing north south path

The fencing has been put in for a few reasons, primarily its in preparation for getting cattle on site to graze the different compartments. The fencing also helps to protect the habitats of Fishlake Meadows by preventing people from walking through sensitive areas and causing disturbance to wildlife. Finally it’s for health and safety, the ditch that runs along the north/south path is very deep and not always easy to tell where the edge of the bank is.

New fence SE corner of site

The path that runs between Cuppernham Lane and World of Water which we refer to as the east/west path has been scraped clear of mud. This has made an improvement to the surface by exposing a much firmer and drier surface. There are still lots of wet, muddy areas, because in some places the path is lower than the ditch level. The path surface is going to be improved, hopefully for the summer, this scraping to investigate what’s below helps with the planning of this work.

Surface mud scraped east west path


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