New volunteer evening meeting

On the 21st March we held a very successful evening meeting for the new volunteers of Fishlake Meadows at the World of Water café. The volunteers enjoyed tea, coffee and cake on arrival, served by the wonderful café team.

Volunteers were given an update of Fishlake Meadows recent history, how it became a nature reserve and how it’s changed by Central and West Reserves Manager and Assistant Director Martin De Retuerto, an overview of habitat management plans and special species by Reserves Officer Robert Chapman and finally information on volunteer opportunities by Reserves Officer Joanna Armson.

Evening meeting 21.3.18

It turned in to a bit of a squeeze in the café with so many keen volunteers attending.


The turn out was fantastic, out of a potential 77 volunteers 46 came along. This has allowed me to make a start getting people filtered in to roles and organise training, which will be happening over the next few weeks for Wardens. Having volunteer Wardens will allow us to increase our presence at Fishlake Meadows and engage with more members of the public.

Over the next few months I will be getting surveys underway and delivering training where necessary. If you’re interested in volunteering at Fishlake Meadows please get in touch by emailing or phoning 023 8042 4205.

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