Blashford Stream Snorkel_51


Blashford Stream Snorkel_50


Blashford Stream Snorkel_52


Blashford Stream Snorkel_53

…and with that, a fond farewell to Harry who finished his 6 month long-term volunteer placement with us yesterday!

(Please note: No volunteers were hurt in the making of this photo sequence. Just mentally scarred!)

Harry heads back to University in a few weeks but is taking a well earned holiday before he does so. He has turned his hand to all aspects of work on the nature reserve since March when he started and leaves us with a wealth of experiences and knowledge which we hope will stand him in good stead when he is applying for jobs after completing his degree next year. His hardwork and enthusiasm have won him many friends within the staff and volunteer team and he is going to be greatly missed by us all…

Thank you Harry!

In the meantime we will be interviewing for a new placement in a couple of weeks (and just in case any applicants are reading this blog please let me assure you that being thrown in to the river is not a requirement of the role!).




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