Walter Returns!

After reports of a great white egret since the end of the week before last we have been wondering if it was “Walter”  come back for his fourteenth winter, but sightings have been too poor to confirm if it had rings in the right combination. So I was delighted to see from Ivy North hide as I locked up, there he was, rings and all. I got a very poor picture, but I only had a 60mm macro lens on my camera, so I have some excuse.



At fourteen and three months he is by far the oldest great white egret know to have been seen in the UK and is quite a great age for the species. When he arrived he was a real pioneer, one of only three or so in the country, but over the last few years they have increased and now breed in the UK and look as though they are here to stay.



9 thoughts on “Walter Returns!

  1. ooh is that Walter.. I saw a Great White Egret fly in last week to the Goosander Hide on the Island over the back… I got quite a good image of him, very cropped 😉 x

  2. Bob, I was at Blashford yesterday with John 6×4 in Ivy South hide and saw a Great White Egret to the left of the hide. I managed to get a few very poor shots of the bird before it flew off towards Ivy North. Attached photos but cannot see any rings. Regret awful shots but the best I could do at distance !!!! If this is Walter then I am missing something obvious. Regards, Keith Beswick.

    • Keith, I cannot see the pictures, but the rings can be very difficult to see at times unless you get a good view. Of course there might be more than one bird about, we had two last winter.

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