Bird Race II – in pictures!

Following up on Bob’s Bird Race blog here are the pictures he promised… I am going to keep text to an absolute minimum as lots to do, but will just say that the tawny owl that everyone dipped out on Tuesday was back yesterday but seems to be absent again today. Maybe it just doesn’t like sunshine, which I guess would make sense it being nocturnal and all!

Thanks to our Director of Education & Engagement, Alison Fowler, for recording the event for posterity!

The teams at the start of the morning before setting off with their Trust guides; New Forest District Council, Bournemouth Water/South West Water and Wessex Water:

We walked the reserve, listening and scanning for the next bird…

We visited hides:

We enjoyed the birds…

…and the other wildlife:

Then we returned to the centre and ate whilst the bird sightings were totted up:

And the winners announced: Wessex Water 53 species, Bournemouth Water and New Forest District Council 58 species.

Both BW and NFDC left with bird feeding stations and NFDC won the Golden Egg by the toss of a coin!

So congratulations to New Forest District Council (Tracy and Phil!) and commiserations to Bournemouth Water (Bob, Martin and Emily) and Wessex Water (myself and Nigel), but thank you to everyone for taking part!

A good morning had by all!




5 thoughts on “Bird Race II – in pictures!

  1. Thanks for a great day out! I really enjoyed my time spent in such a beautiful location with lovely people and great wildlife! Hopefully it will take place again next year!

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