Some Birds

Not much to report today, certainly nothing on the scale of Tuesday’s eider and pale-bellied brent geese. On that note I have received a few pictures, courtesy once again of Lorne Bissell.


Tuesday’s eider

I think the picture shows that it was a young bird, perhaps not surprising as young birds are more likely to get lost.


Tuesday’s pale-bellied brent geese

A somewhat better shot than mine, it does show the very pale bellies of these birds. Lorne also sent a shot of the ring-billed gull.


ring-billed gull

Today saw reports of a woodcock near the Ivy North hide, the first of the season and an unringed great white egret near Lapwing hide. The water pipit was reported again form the shore of Ibsley Water and at dusk I counted 72 goosander gathering to roost in front of the Goosander hide, I think the most so far this autumn.




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