All Clear

The Blashford volunteers were hard at work today and we finally finished the clearance of the western shore of Ibsley Water. As an old gravel working it has taken a long time for the area to settle down. The bare ground left at the end of extraction was a seedbed for a forest of ragwort and after we got this under control nettle and bramble proliferated. Mowing and grazing is increasingly establishing grassland over larger and larger areas, but getting it too a state where we can readily manage it as long term grassland has been a challenge. Hopefully today we had our last day of this clearance work, so long as I can get a suitable mower for the job from now on it should be easier to maintain habitat suitable for breeding lapwing and feeding wigeon.


The last patches at the start of the task.


Part way through


Nearly there, just a bramble clump to go.


Just the raking up to do.

Managing the habitat around the reserve and maximising the opportunity for people to enjoy the wildlife from the hides is a constant task and the input of the many volunteers is what makes it possible. They don’t just do lots of the work, they also come up with all sorts of ideas. Many of our volunteers are also regular visitors to the reserve, which gives them a different perspective from that of staff. Lots of ideas keep the reserve moving forward and encourages us to try new things and hopefully improves things for wildlife and visitors alike.

We have tamed the western shore of the lake just in time as we are shortly to take on the old concrete block works site between Tern and Goosander hides. This will be another area of disturbed ground, no doubt full of weed seeds and with added concrete, metal reinforcing etc. to boot. Although the major groundworks are now complete establishing vegetation is going to take time and effort. Several people have asked me when the new path between the main car park and Goosander hide will open. The short answer is I don’t know yet. Although the large scale works are done there is still things to finish before we will be able to take possession and open it up for use. I am hoping it won’t be too long now and rest assured that I will post details as soon as I know.


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