A Few Words of Warning

Luckily a very rare thing at Blashford, but we received a report of a break-in to a car yesterday evening, in fact outside reserve opening times and not actually in one of our car parks, but it serves as a warning. In this case nothing was taken, but this was simply because the car owner in question had heeded to advice of police and left nothing of value in the car.

If you are visiting, especially “out of hours”, don’t leave valuables in your car, good advice at anytime of the day. If you notice anyone behaving suspiciously please let us, or the police know and include any details you can easily get, so it can be followed up. Sadly the New Forest car parks have a long history of being a favoured hunting ground for thieves – if we are vigilant hopefully we can prevent Blashford going the same way.



2 thoughts on “A Few Words of Warning

  1. Thank you Robert. for the warning. Always good to have the reminders. Though fortunately we are there during morning times, but still are very careful that we do not leave any camera’s etc in view.

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