A short post and no pictures, but today Ibsley Water played host to a spoonbill, as far as I know the first to have set down on the reserve, the only other record I know of was one flying over.

Unfortunately it spent the whole day asleep and about as far from the hides as it was possible to get, but it was still great to see one on the reserve.

With the settled spell of weather breaking down I am expecting a few more interesting birds over the next few days, particularly waders and terns, but who knows what else might drop in. When it comes to scarcer visitors unsettled autumn weather is what you want and we seem to be in for a few days of it, so watch this space.


2 thoughts on “Spoonbill!

  1. How funny. Totally unrelated to the last post you guys put out, I was going to reply that Id seen a Spoonbill on Tuesday evening, flying over our tennis courts at Mudeford….bit of a distance away, but the direction was the right flight path….perhaps between Pennington Marshes, where Ive seen them this year, and Blashford :-).

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