20 year celebration a big success!


An estimated 250-300 visitors braved the traffic and the heat to thoroughly enjoy themselves at our event yesterday!

Many thanks to everyone who came to support us, from all of the visitors to invited guests and project partners New Forest District Council (brilliant game!), Wessex Water (nice invasive animal display, particularly the “lobsters” – or signal crayfish to the initiated!), and the Trusts own New Forest Non-Native Plant Project. Thanks also to “Walking Picnics” who looked after the refreshments on sale in the classroom and must have done a good job because they virtually sold out despite the heat! Regular visitors will be pleased to hear that they will be trialling a “pop up café” in the centre this winter – details to follow nearer the time.

But, back to yesterday, thanks are particularly due to our, as always, amazing volunteers who did so much to make our jobs easier and all of our visitors experiences so special and memorable on the day. We couldn’t have done it without you and we hope you are not too frazzled or sunburnt today!

Today all there is left to show for it are a few slices of birthday cake in the staff kitchen and a whole load of wellies drying out post river dip:

post event wellies

Given that a picture says a thousand words (apparently) here is an entire essay capturing the essence of the day – all pictures by volunteer Rex Waygood:








3 thoughts on “20 year celebration a big success!

  1. A great place to visit. Sorry to have missed the big day but the heat would have been too much for my hubby. Thank you to all the staff and volunteers who work hard keep it all such an interesting place. We just love all our visits and never leave disappointed.

  2. To Sophie aged 5 – “What did you enjoy the most?”


    That sums the day up nicely I think – so many happy faces and children having fun.

  3. Lovely selection of pictures showing what it was all about. Ive just been on a National Trust working surveying week, so have been waving a “bug” net around in the heat myself!

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