30 Days Wild – Day 30!


Well it has been a wild 30 Days. I started as a citizen of the EU watching puffins in the sunshine, I ended it pulling nettles in a country with a parliament in meltdown, one party with no leader and one leader with no party. It has been a weird 30 Days and one that we will not forget in a hurry. You never know what the future holds, but just now this feeling seems especially strong. However those puffins are still there, but now feeding their pufflings, and all that wild is out there and one certainty is that we need it to keep on being there. Doing a “Wild thing” reminds us that most of the world goes on, empires rise and fall but (hopefully) puffins will go on and on, along with all the rest of the great and glorious wild.

I have looked for the “Wild things” on Skomer, from the car driving up the M42, in my back garden and, of course, at Blashford Lakes and in at least some small way found some wild everywhere.

My last Wild Day was spent at Blashford, in the morning I was working with the volunteers where we were continuing to clear nettles along the paths. At lunchtime, sitting at one of the picnic tables, a smallish hoverfly caught my attention when it landed on the table top.

Chalcosyrphus nemorum 2

Chalcosyrphus nemorum

It is a woodland species, often found in wet alder woods, so I would guess it could be quite common in the alder carr next to the Centre. Seen up close it is very smart, with a highly polished thorax and a slightly comical quiff.

Despite a forecast that seemed to promise rain in the afternoon, it actually cleared up somewhat and there were insects about and the reptile surveyors reported their best survey of the year in the southern area of the reserve. The grass snake was out again by Ivy South hide and pleasing photographers.

I had to go to Roydon Woods to collect some materials, but as I went to my car to set off I saw this little bug on a dark mullein plant by the car park.


Grypocoris stysi

Grypocoris stysi

Amongst the more interesting reports from around the reserve today were the great crested grebe on Ivy Lake having two chicks and the common scoter being seen again on Ibsley Water.

Although the evening was mainly cloudy it remained warm and I went out in my garden to see what last Wild I could find. I quickly came across a female small white roosting in the “meadow”.

small white

roosting small white

I love their spotted eyes, something you can never normally appreciate.

I know I probably get to do more Wild Things than most people and I am very thankful for it, I am not sure I could get on very well without at least some wildlife in every day. Even today we are still surrounded by wildlife, not as much as I would like and often we fail to see it. We could probably all benefit from opening our eyes more and taking a little time to really see what is living alongside us.



9 thoughts on “30 Days Wild – Day 30!

  1. Dear Robert, very many thanks for your daily reporting over the last 30 days (though it took a little catching up part way through!). I have enjoyed your running comments on our native wildlife and their activities very much. I also appreciate the pictures you have posted – you have a particularly good eye for a close-up. Please keep up the good work and brighten up my day sitting in a drab office just itching to get out in the wild. Jon Mitchell in Gosport.

  2. Thank you so much for your 30 Days Wild posts, I will miss them they been so welcome during all this political upheaval as a daily dose of hope and just reading your post has been a welcome reviving of spirits. Our living heritage is our foundation, this is our inheritance and is precious and free and we all need it to continue to be wild.

  3. I too have thoroughly enjoyed your 30 days and am envious that you are in a job where you can do such things all the time. I have had 3 weeks of driving, 3000 miles in fact in that time. And whilst I have been able to “see” the countryside from motorways whilst being doused in torrential rain and at times SLEET, (the countryside AND me and my car), your posts have made me long to get out and walk and look…..the countryside and nature is my “chill time” and today that time has arrived. I just have to choose where to go!! We have so many wonderful places, thankfully. As for politics and football, love your comment at the start of your prose today…but give me isolation away from it all any day. I spent one of those weeks in a National Trust cottage above Windermere, in the woods, half a mile from anyone else (apart from an aged parent 😉 )with no wifi and no phone signal. I can recommend it.

  4. Dear Robert, Your posts have been most captivating. I wish every school had followed them day by day. It is not just the wildlife, but your interpretation, that engages people. I would love to see this every day of the year. Best wishes, Chris Warren

  5. Bob (assuming you are Robert!) Thank you so much for enablibg my parents to get round the whole if the reserve using the trampers. They loved it and it made the day more interesting for us too. They were especially chuffed to get up to the north of the site which they had never been to and we got good views of a kingfisher. Thanks x

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