Thirty Days Wild – Day 1

I signed up for “Thirty Days Wild” this year, the idea is to try to have some sort of wild experience everyday, that is to get outside and experience something that the natural world has to offer. It could be taking notice of birdsong as you walk to the station, watching bees nectaring at dandelions or going out onto  a heath to marvel at nightjar’s dusk antics.

I confess I try to do 365 Days Wild myself and so try to make an entry into my notebook for everyday, there is always some sort of wildlife to be experienced, that is the great thing about it, you never know what will come along and everyday has possibilities.

So onto Day 1, a little late I know but I was away during the first week, which got me off to a really wild start, but prevented me uploading anything.

Pictures from Day 1 were:

flowery roadside

Flowery Pembrokeshire vergeside

I was staying in West Pembrokeshire and was really struck by the profusion of flowers along the verges, something we don’t get so much in Hampshire. In fact my nearest round about to home is very rich in wildflowers but is mown heavily, usually just as they are starting to flower. The result of lots of flowers was a mass of insects such as this swollen-thigh beetle.

swollen-thighed beetle

swollen-thigh beetle

We finished the day by the sea where the flowery theme continued, with masses of thrift.

trift on rock

Thrift growing on rock by the sea

It is not too late to sign up for Thirty Days Wild (or perhaps 20 Days now) just visit  to sign up.


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