30 Days Wild – Day 2

Continuing my catch-up with this, here is Day 2. This was a really wild one, still in Pembrokeshire, we made the trip over to the fabulous island of Skomer, a nature reserve of the West Wales Wildlife Trust. Obviously puffin was our main must see species, and we did and really close up too. About 3200 pairs nest on the island and when we visited most were still incubating eggs, although one or two eggs were just starting to hatch, apparently, as this all happens out of sight underground in their burrows.

puffin in bracken

Puffin, just emerged from a nesting burrow on the bracken covered slope near The Wick, Skomer.

Lots of other seabirds also nest there including kittiwake, razorbill and guillemot.

raxorbill and guillemot

Razorbill, with guillemot behind.

Of course it is not just seabirds, the island is home top lots of other wildlife as well, including this small parasitic nomad bee. (I have not identified the species yet)


Nomad bee


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