Oh deer…that time of year again.

The roe deer are giving birth to their young at this time of year. Usually one they do have two kids relatively frequently and while they are very young the mother will leave them discretely tucked away, usually in long vegetation in, or on the edge of, woodland, where the kids spotted coat blends in perfectly with the dappled shade. That coupled with its other natural defences of keeping perfectly still and lack of scent is generally sufficient to protect it (or them) from harm while the mother goes off to feed knowing that the kid will still be there when she is ready to return to it.

Unfortunately this strategy backfires big time if the young deer are disturbed by people. Sometimes this can be selfish individuals approaching much too close in order to get a picture or “pet” a very cute wild animal, other times it can be perfectly well intentioned individuals who assumed the baby deer has been abandoned and “rescue” it. Either scenario is bad news for the kid as the mother may be unable to find its young if it is moved and even worse they may abandon it if having found it the kids scent is of human.

There are roe deer being born at Blashford right now and they can often be seen by the edges of the footpaths throughout the reserve. If you see them please do enjoy what is undoubtedly a special wildlife moment but PLEASE KEEP YOUR DISTANCE AND ABOVE ALL PLEASE DO NOT TOUCH OR MOVE THEM!



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