Rather More News

Tuesday was a busy day on the reserve, with volunteers working on tern rafts and a contractor improving the habitat at the base of the gravel spit on Ibsley Water. Along the way I saw the common tern reported over the last couple of days. It is a rather odd bird with an all dark bill and rather grey under-parts and contrasting white cheeks, some of the characteristics of the eastern race of this species, but much better views will be needed to clear up if it really is one of these.

Other reports were quiet exciting, an osprey was seen heading north up the valley, a duck garganey was on Ibsley Water and  a sedge warbler was singing near the Lapwing hide, all new for 2016.

My own sightings were rather less interesting, but I did see my first violet in flower near the Centre.


The moth trap contained common Quaker, small Quaker, twin-spot Quaker, Hebrew character, clouded drab and yellow horned.

common quaker

Common Quaker.

3 thoughts on “Rather More News

  1. Interesting news about the Osprey. I was at Mudeford Wood Tennis Club yesterday and around 9 to 10am (didnt note the time) we saw a large bird of prey fly over heading North. It was mid distance height wise so we saw it from about 45 degrees in silhouette, shaped tail like a Sparrowhawk in flight but much bigger. I wonder if it was the same bird. Exciting.

    • Looking forward to seeing the Osprey at Blashford Lakes again this year. It stayed for a long time on Ibsley Water last year and caused a lot of interest. That was my first siting ever of an Osprey. Each time we go to Blashford ithroughout the year it t is gauranteed that we learn or see something different.

  2. Was at Blashford Lakes yesterday morning on a lovely morning. Saw the activity on the spit at Ibsley water and noticed all the work that had been elsewhere i.e. hedges etc.
    Saw my first Cowslip for years on the edge of the path mid-way between the Centre and walking towards Ivy South hide. and right by it, top left, was a tiny violet plant.. Delightful. Told the lady in the Centre I had seen the cowslip and the Violet. I did take pictures.
    Saw only one male Brambling and quite a few Redpols and Siskins at the Woodlands hide busily feeding. The visit as always, was a lovely relaxing time.

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